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The Institute for Information Sciences

Creating and disseminating fundamental knowledge and new technologies

The mission of I2S is to sustain and grow national leadership in the creation, dissemination, and commercialization of new technologies in computer systems, communication systems, and radar systems.

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+$21 mil

I2S and KU Research Rising

  • I2S Director Perry Alexander speaks about Securing Our Worlds: Physical, Digital, and Social, an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems related cybersecurity.

News & Events

EECS and I2S Professors Receive a $200,000 NSF Award to Develop an AI-Driven Computer Architecture Learning Tool

EECS and I2S assistant professors Mohammad Alian and Tamzidul Hoque received a $200,000 award from the NSF to develop Scaffolded AI-driven Learning Simulation (SAILS), a novel framework and technology that creates an interactive learning platform for computer architecture and offers design exerci

Dr. Mohammad Alian Receives Early-Career Faculty Award

Mohammad Alian, assistant professor of electrical engineering & computer science, won a five-year, $533,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for his research rethinking the internal networking of data centers — work to reduce latency, cut power consumption and accelerate speeds, all…

ITTC Becomes I2S

Lawrence - Earlier this year, the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) changed its name to the Institute for Information Sciences (I2S). ITTC itself was formed in 1993 through a merger of two other research programs: the Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory (…

I2S Researcher, Taejoon Kim, Receives Grant to Lead Team in NSF Convergence Accelerator Program

LAWRENCE – The Institute for Information Sciences (I2S) is pleased to announce that Dr. Taejoon Kim, Assistant Professor for the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has been awarded an NSF Convergence Accelerator grant and will be part of the program’s 2022 Cohort, currently in…

I2S Events

Recent Awards

National Science Foundation Career Development (CAREER) awards - Alian

Mohammad Alian

National Science Foundation

RSL First Alternate - 2023 IEEE Radar Conference

Jon Owen, Christian Jones

2023 IEEE Radar Conference

RSL Top 5 Finalist - IEEE Radar Conference

Bahozhoni White, Matthew Heintzelman

2023 IEEE Radar Conference

RSL Second Place - IEEE Radar Conference

Thomas Kramer, Erik Biehl, Matthew Heintzelman

2023 IEEE Radar Conference

Honeywell Grant

Perry Alexander

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I2S is a place of innovation. Checkout the many projects and research being performed by I2S.

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