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The Institute for Information Sciences

Creating and disseminating fundamental knowledge and new technologies

The mission of I2S is to sustain and grow national leadership in the creation, dissemination, and commercialization of new technologies in computer systems, communication systems, and radar systems.

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+$21 mil

I2S and KU Research Rising

  • I2S Director Perry Alexander speaks about Securing Our Worlds: Physical, Digital, and Social, an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems related cybersecurity.

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New Funding Announced for I2S' Center for Cyber-Social Dynamics

The Institute for Information Sciences’ (I2S) Center for Cyber-Social Dynamics (CCSD) has received a Research and Education Innovation (REI) award for funding from the Kansas Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, or EPSCoR.

KU’s Institute for Information Sciences Houses New Virtual Institute to Combat Cyberthreats

The University of Kansas Institute for Information Sciences (I2S) is host to a new virtual institute geared to educate current and future leaders in the military and c

CCSD Podcast Episode 6: A Breakdown in Trust Within the Open Source Community

The Center for Cyber-Social Dynamics (CCSD) recently released their sixth podcast episode, and it's a doozy! Discover the unsettling truth about how trust can be weaponized in the digital world, as they sat down with

Applying Blockchain to the HBW Project

The History of Black Writing project is an excellent example where an internationally renowned source for information converted from a distributed online database to a blockchain.

I2S Events

Recent Awards

National Science Foundation Career Development (CAREER) awards - Alian

Mohammad Alian

National Science Foundation

RSL First Alternate - 2023 IEEE Radar Conference

Jon Owen, Christian Jones

2023 IEEE Radar Conference

RSL Top 5 Finalist - IEEE Radar Conference

Bahozhoni White, Matthew Heintzelman

2023 IEEE Radar Conference

RSL Second Place - IEEE Radar Conference

Thomas Kramer, Erik Biehl, Matthew Heintzelman

2023 IEEE Radar Conference

Honeywell Grant

Perry Alexander

Circuit board

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I2S is a place of innovation. Checkout the many projects and research being performed by I2S.

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