Midwest VICEROY Institute

The Midwest VICEROY Institute (MVI) is a virtual institute across three member universities - the University of Kansas (KU), the Ohio State University (OSU), and Purdue University Northwest (PNW). The MVI is making interdisciplinary contributions to tackle crucial, emerging issues in cybersecurity and electromagnetic spectrum research, and provide experiential learning opportunities in cyber & EMS operations.

KU is honored to lead the MVI in collaboration with OSU and PNW. Funding for Midwest VICEROY Institute provided by The Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and Griffiss Institute.

MVI Activities and Resources

The MVI develops an augmented curriculum with new online courses, hands-on training activities on cyber operations, and summer research opportunities in cybersecurity. These resources are made available and FREE to all students in the member universities of the MVI.

  • EMS Security - Software-Defined Radio Attacks and Defenses
  • EMS Security - Securing Next-G Networks
  • Certification Preparation - CompTIA Security+
  • Certification Preparation - CISCO Cyber Ops
  • Certification Preparation - Cloud System Administration
  • Certification Preparation - Ethical Hacking
  • Language Proficiency for Cyber Operations in Chinese
  • Hands-on cyber operations training on reconnaissance, penetration testing, and malware analysis activities.
  • Theme 1: Computer and EMS System Security
  • Theme 2: AI in Cyber and EMS Systems

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VICEROY Scholars

The MVI offers FREE experiential learning opportunities to students. Besides, to encourage students to participate in these activities, the MVI offers an incentive-based VICEROY Scholars program including the following scholarships:

  • requirement: complete one EMS Security course and two certification preparation courses
  • Students receiving the VICEROY Scholarship are NOT eligible to apply for the Security Certification Scholarship.
  • requirement: complete four certification preparation courses and take one cybersecurity certification exam (DoD 8570 Approved)
  • Students receiving the Security Certification Scholarship are NOT eligible to apply for the VICEROY Scholarship.
  • requirement: complete one EMS Security course and a 10-week summer research project
  • requirement: complete all cyber operational training tasks
  • requirement: complete the language proficiency course

Students interested in cybersecurity and EMS research and consider a career in U.S. National Security are highly encouraged to apply to the VICEROY Scholars Program. A student can apply for more than one scholarship.

Eligibility for Scholarships:

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Must be a student at KU, OSU, or PNW
  • Must have a 3.0 or above GPA
  • Must be security clearance eligible

If accepted to be a VICEROY Scholar, the students will sign a commitment agreement that they will actively participate in the program and complete the activities related to the provided incentives. The recipients of the scholarships are NOT obligated to any government service commitment.