Faculty Directory

Perry Alexander
Director of the Institute for Information Sciences, AT&T Foundation Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
 Primary: 785-864-7741
 Perry Alexander's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 208

Primary Research Interests

My research interests include formal methods, system-level design, trusted computing, design and specification language semantics, and component retrieval. For more information, visit my research or the SLDG pages.

Mohammad Alian
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Mohammad Alian's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 253

Primary Research Interests

Computer Architecture and Systems: performance, simulation

Operating Systems and Networking: datacenter networking, I/O subsystem

Christopher Allen
Professor, EECS
 Christopher Allen's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 153

Primary Research Interests

Microwave remote sensing, radar systems, and photonics/lightwave technologies. 

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Alexandru Bardas
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Alexandru Alex Bardas's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 238

Primary Research Interests

Cybersecurity from a systems perspective, Moving target defenses, Enterprise network security, Bringing social sciences into cybersecurity

Shannon Blunt
Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor, EECS, Director | Radar Systems Laboratory (RSL)
 Shannon Blunt's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 357
Michael Barnicky
Professor, EECS
 Michael Branicky's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 358

Primary Research Interests

Cyber-Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Internet of Things

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Katie Conrad
CCSD Research Fellow, Interim Director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, Professor in English
 Kathryn Conrad's Website

Primary Research Interests

AI Ethics, Digital Literacy, AI and Education
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Drew Davidson
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Drew Davidson's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 237
Tyrone Duncan
Professor, Mathematics
 Tyrone Duncan's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 353

Primary Research Interests

Explicitly solvable stochastic control problems, Stochastic control of distributed parameter systems, Stochastic adaptive control of linear and nonlinear systems, Mathematics of finance and stochastic modeling, Mathematics and telecommunication, Math education.

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Esam El-Araby
Associate Professor, EECS
 Esam El-Araby's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 134

Primary Research Interests

Computer Architecture

High-Performance Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Computing

Biologically-Inspired and Neuromorphic Architectures

Evolvable Hardware

Hardware Acceleration

Embedded Systems

Performance Evaluation and Modeling

Applications of HPC to Digital Signal/Image Processing and Remote Sensing

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Huazhen Fang
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
 Huazhen Fang's Website
 Eaton Hall 2030

Primary Research Interests

Control systems, estimation theory, energy storage systems, robotics
Shima Fardad
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Shima Fardad's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 239

Primary Research Interests

  • Light-matter interactions in soft-matter systsems
  • Nanophotonics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials Imaging
  • Microscopy and Spectroscopy Techniques
Victor Frost
Dan F. Servey Distinguished Professor, EECS
 Victor Frost's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 254

Primary Research Interests

Communication Systems and Networks, Networking Simulation and Modeling, Wireless Systems, Internet Performance Analysis.

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Assistant Professor, EECS
 Email: sankha@ku.edu
 Sankha Guria's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 137
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Morteza Hashemi
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Morteza Hashemi's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 354
Tamzidul Hoque
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Tamzidul Hoque's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 137
Rongqing Hui
Professor, EECS, Director | Center for Communications, Networking and Photonics (CCNP)
 Rongqing Hui's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 222

Primary Research Interests

Fiber-optic communications, photonic devices, optical sensors

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Taejoon Kim
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Taejoon Kim's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 137
Prasad Kulkarni
Professor, EECS
 Prasad Kulkarni's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 136

Primary Research Interests

Static and dynamic/adaptive compilers

Computer architecture

Embedded systems

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Professor Fengjun Li
Professor, EECS
 Fengjun Li's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 235

Primary Research Interests

Information security, privacy; electronic health, healthcare informatics; smart grids and network security; and applied cryptography

Jennifer Lohoefener
Assistant Research Professor, EECS, Associate Director, I2S
 Jennifer Lohoefener's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 252
Bo Luo
Professor, EECS, Director | High Assurance and Secure Systems Center
 Bo Luo's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 341

Primary Research Interests

My current research interests lie in the intersection of security and privacy and data science. In particular, I'm interested in:

          •   Information and system security

          •   IoT/CPS and hardware-enabled security

          •   Privacy, online social networks

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Brian McClendon

Primary Research Interests

machine learning; computer vision; autonomous vehicles; world-scale mapping
Patrick McCormick
Assistant Professor, EECS, Assistant Scientist
 Patrick McCormick's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 357
Gary Minden
Professor Emeritus, EECS
 Gary Minden's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 155

Primary Research Interests

Digital Systems, Microprocessors, Embedded Systems

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Picture of Jon Owen
Assistant Research Professor, RSL
 Jon Owen's Website
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John Paden
Research Assistant Professor, CReSIS
 John Paden's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 325

Primary Research Interests

My research focuses on HF to Ka-band signal/data processing and radar system engineering for remote sensing of terrestrial snow and ice (non-atmospheric). Direction of arrival estimation applied to synthetic aperture radar (SAR tomography), differential interferometric SAR (DINSAR), machine learning and image processing applied to radar imaging are my current areas of interest in this field.

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
Professor, Mathematics
 Bozenna Pasik-Duncan's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 353

Primary Research Interests

  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Stochastic Control
Erik Perrins
Charles E. & Mary Jane Spahr Professor, Department Chair, EECS
 Erik Perrins's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 210
Adam Petz
Assistant Research Professor, EECS
 Adam Petz's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 134

Primary Research Interests

Software Correctness, Formal Methods, Functional Programming, Domain-Specific Languages, Programming Language Semantics, Program Synthesis, System-Level Security, Trusted Computing.

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Hossein Saiedian
Professor, EECS
 Hossein Saiedian's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 157

Primary Research Interests

Software architecture, formal modeling, secure software

engineering, information security

Alessandro Salandrino
Associate Professor, EECS
 Alessandro Salandrino's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 257

Primary Research Interests

My main research interests are in optics, photonics, and applied electromagnetics. My work has placed a particular emphasis on engineering the electromagnetic properties of nano-structured systems such as metamaterials and plasmonic devices.

Sumaiya Shomaji, Faculty
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Sumaiya Shomaji's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 251
Suzanne Shontz
Professor, EECS, Director | Mathematical Methods & Interdisciplinary Computing Center (MMICC)
 Suzanne Shontz's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 203

Primary Research Interests

Computational- and data-enabled science and engineering. More specifically, parallel scientific computing with a focus on unstructured mesh, numerical optimization, model order reduction, and numerical linear algebra methods and their applications to computational medicine, imaging sciences, electronic circuits, and materials.

Bill Staples
Professor, Sociology, Director | Surveillance Studies Research Center
 Bill Staples's Website

Primary Research Interests

Surveillance Studies, Social Control, Historical Sociology, Cultural Sociology
James Stiles
Professor, EECS
 James Stiles's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 153

Primary Research Interests

Radar remote sensing of vegetation

Propagation and scattering in random media

Ground-penetrating radar

Radar signal processing

Applications of information and estimation theory in remote sensing

Hongyang Sun
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Hongyang Sun's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 204

Primary Research Interests

High-performance computing, cloud/edge computing, data science, scheduling, resilience, algorithms, optimizations, applied machine learning

John Symons
Professor, Philosophy, Director | Center for Cyber-Social Dynamics (CCSD)
 John Symons's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 325
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Jayhawk Person Profile placeholder
Assistant Research Professor, Research Program Director, CCSD Managing Director
 David Tamez's Website
 Nichols Hall | Room 253

Primary Research Interests

philosophy of law, ethics, AI and law
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Jamie Walters
Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
 Jamie Walters's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 156
Jayhawk Placeholder image
Assistant Professor
 Han Wang's Website
 2036 Eaton Hall
Emily Witt
Associate Professor, Keeler Intra-University Professor
 Emily Witt's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 255
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Zijun Yao
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Zijun Yao's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 236
Heechul Yun
Associate Professor, EECS
 Heechul Yun's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 236
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Cuncong Zhong
Assistant Professor, EECS
 Cuncong Zhong's Website
 Nichols Hall Room 251
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