I2S Student Research Symposium (ISRS)

The I2S Student Organization (ISO) is planning their second I2S Student Research Symposium (ISRS). ISRS is an opportunity for graduate students to share their research and ideas with other graduate students and faculty members. This year we will have both oral and poster presentations.  Graduate students from all academic backgrounds are invited to submit abstracts of work they have recently published, are in the process of publishing, or are works-in-progress. Submission deadline: Dec 1st, 2023.



I2S Student Research Symposium

January 26th, 2024


There will be a limited number of in-person presentations held during the week. Additional event details will be posted on this page throughout January.

  • Registration Deadline to Present: 11:59PM, December 1st.
  • Keynote Speaker: Tim Chung, Founding Data Scientist at Waterlily Planning

Organizers: Babak Badnava, Yousif Dafalla, and Amin Mamandipoor


In-Person Event Plan to be held in Nichols Hall, Apollo Auditorium:


TimeTrack 1PresenterVirtual Link
8:30amBreakfast & Registration Passcode: 817559
9:00amOpening Remarks by I2S Director Dr. Perry Alexander  
Intermodal excitation in time-varying Plasmonic structures
Ragib Shakil Rafi
An Efficient Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for EV Charging Network Control
Amin Shojaei
No Analog Combiner TTD-based Hybrid Precoding for Multi-User Sub-THz Communications
Dang-Qua Nguyen
10:20amDeep VR: Edge Assisted QoE Maximization for VR Streaming ApplicationsBabak Badnava 
Keynote (Tim Chung)
SmartDIMM: In-Memory Acceleration of Upper Layer I/O Protocols
Amin Mamandipoor
Accelerated Retrieval Enhanced Machine Learning
Derrick Quinn
DPAT: An Open Source DRAM Circuit Chip Design
Venkata Ramesh Reddy Ganapam
Data-dependent Solution for the Radiometric Calibration of Radar Depth Sounder Data Products
Hara Madhav Talasila
Runtime Integrity Assurance in Untrusted COTS Processor through Reinforcement Learning
Mahmudul Hasan
HOACS: Homomorphic Obfuscation Assisted Concealing of Secrets to Thwart Trojan Attacks in COTS Processor
Tanvir Hossain
Poster Presentations
Closing remarks & prizes

Keynote Speaker

Tim is the Founding Data Scientist at Waterlily Planning, an early-stage startup focused on eldercare planning. In his current role, he wears multiple hats, including data science, software engineering, some product management, and a touch of UX design. Around five years ago, he made a significant career shift into the technical field. Before becoming a data scientist, he worked as a consultant at Cerner and earned a degree in business from the University of Missouri. He calls Overland Park, Kansas, his home, where he lives with my wife, a fellow KU graduate, and their three children. In his rare moments of spare time since becoming a parent, he enjoys sports, with pickleball being a current favorite, playing the drums, and volunteering at his church.

The Spirit of Industry

Abstract: "The Spirit of Industry" outlines essential values that can help you succeed in the corporate world. While these principles are not always applicable in every situation, they generally serve as useful guidelines. This talk draws from my experiences as a business consultant and data scientist, as well as my transition from academia to industry. Since industry often functions differently from academia, my goal is to help students preparing to enter the business world adjust their mindset and expectations accordingly.

ISRS Prizes

Oral presentations:

First place: $500

Second place: $200

Grads poster presentations:

First place: Headphones

Second place: Earbuds

Undergrads poster presentation:

First place: Headphones

Second place: Earbuds