KU Supercomputing Club Victorious at 2024 Single Board Cluster Competition

The I2S funded Supercomputing Club at KU’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department (EECS) shined in a recent Single Board Cluster competition. The club was recognized for its outstanding achievements for dedication and expertise in high-performance computing.

Awards they brought home included:

(1) First Place in HPCG Benchmark: The Club cluster, powered by 22 Orange Pi 5 boards, secured the top place in the HPCG benchmark category. This achievement reflects the Club members' commitment to pushing the boundaries of computational performance. The Club's outstanding 25.182 GFLOPS HPCG score set a new standard among all participating teams. This remarkable achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the relentless support of the Club's members and mentors.

(2) Second Place Overall: Not only did the Supercomputing Club excel in the HPCG benchmark, but it also clinched the second place overall in the competition. The Club's collective efforts and strategic approach paid off, demonstrating their prowess in cluster computing.

Congratulations to the members and faculty advisors of the Supercomputing Club for their outstanding performance and dedication to advancing high-performance computing. Their success is a testament to the collaborative spirit and innovative thinking within the EECS department.

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