Waveform Diversity Experimentation System (WaDES)

WaDES Overview:

The growing demand for spectrum combined with requirements for enhanced sensitivity, robust interference protection, higher fidelity, and lower implementation cost has driven innovation in advanced radar waveform design and multi-function system capabilities.

Funding awarded by this grant to support the creation of the Waveform Diversity Experimentation System (WaDES) will enhance the innovation process, by supporting investigation into new multi-dimensional / multi-function sensing approaches, and providing experimental feedback to differentiate between useful and unrealistic assumptions.

WaDES adds crucial experimental capabilities to the investigation of a variety of emerging radar modes that rely on multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmit and receive configurations to incorporate spatial degrees of freedom into other forms of waveform diversity. These new modes of operation include spatial modulation, wideband MIMO for imaging, joint MIMO / waveform agility, radar-embedded communications, joint polarization and spatial modulation. All of these topics involve ongoing University of Kansas (KU) research undertaken by KU graduate students under current and continuing DoD-funded projects.