I2S Projects

Title Beginning FY PI Funding Sponsor Name
Smart Firearms Technical Consultation and Research 2022 Daniel DePardo $1,111.00 SMARTGUNZ, LLC
CAREER: A Novel Bioinformatic Infrastructure for Metagenome Assembly and Functional Annotation 2021 Cuncong Zhong $722,398.00 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
Distributed Spectrum Scenario Fusion and Compression 2021 Taejoon Kim $597,776.00 PURDUE UNIVERSITY
Stochastic control for systems with non-Gaussian noise 2021 Tyrone Duncan $586,664.00 AIR FORCE OFFICE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH
SCH: INT: Collaborative Research: Privacy-Preserving Federated Transfer Learning for Early Acute Kidney Injury Risk Prediction 2021 Fengjun Li $579,941.00 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
CAREER: Unifying Heterogeneity of Extreme-Scale Cyberinfrastructures for Higher Productivity and Performance Portability 2021 Esam El-Araby $550,351.00 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
Collaborative Research: CNS Core: Medium: Combating Latency and Disconnectivity in mmWave Networks: From Theory to Implementation 2021 Morteza Hashemi $438,000.00 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
Parallel High-order Curvilinear Mesh Generation Algorithms and Software for Use with Computational Mechanics Simulations 2021 Suzanne Shontz $400,000.00 TRIAD NATIONAL SECURITY LLC
Spectrum Management Framework for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Traffic Management in BVLOS: From Assessment to Modeling and Analysis 2021 Morteza Hashemi $399,903.00 MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY
Collaborative Research: CNS Core: Medium: RUI: Optics without Borders. 2021 Rongqing Hui $289,291.00 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION